There's nothing special about pushing the shutter button to record a photograph. Any monkey can do that.

There's not even anything all that special about creating really good photography. I've seen thousands of excellent pictures make by people who know very little about photography.

The tide begins to turn is when a photographer is able to create great pictures on demand in any given environment, under any given set of circumstances. That's a tough thing to do and beyond the reach of most people with a camera.

But, the truly special photographic skill is the ability to be shooting in a situation with a dozen of other photographers and come away with stunning photographs that the other photographers not only didn't shoot, but didn't even see. Now that is special.

That's the bar I'm always looking to clear with my work. Clients expect professional photographers to create good photographs. I've always believed that my real job is to create singularly unique, and (pleasantly) unexpected, photographs for clients who put their trust in my personal vision.